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Anti Corrosion Technology’s (ACT's) strategic objective is to introduce complete innovative solutions optimizing new technologies into Australia, aiming at the development and improvement of the Australian Industries and Economy.

With over 35 years of national and international experience, it's no accident that ACT was chosen to represent STOPAQ in Australia. ACT is the exclusive Australian partner and agent of STOPAQ BV in The Netherlands – the manufacturer of the internationally patented visco elastic coating technology offering cost effective and long term corrosion protection for pipeline industry, oil and gas infrastructure, water, energy and marine.

Anti Corrosion Technology is the proud Australian partner with STOPAQ B.V. and exclusive distributor of this revolutionary visco elastic coating technology commercially known as “STOPAQ”.

STOPAQ offers the ultimate corrosion prevention and rehabilitation solutions for pipelines onshore and offshore. Our objective is to provide the market with a proven cost effective solution to maintain full asset integrity from the design phase to decommissioning.

When compared to the traditional protective systems (such as petrolatum cold tape wraps, liquid epoxy etc) STOPAQ has the following advantages:

  • Low mobilisation cost

  • Minimal surface preparation

  • No high calibre or skilled labour required

  • No safety hazards

  • No environmental impact

  • Conforms to any shape and configuration

  • Full adherence to metal and non-metal

  • No Cathodic disbonding or under creep

  • Unlimited shelf life

  • Performance guaranteed for 30 years 

With well over 2,000,000sqm applied to date, the STOPAQ system is currently specified and heavily used by the biggest international oil and gas key operators such as Shell Global Solutions BV, Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia), Gasunie (Netherlands), Nerefco (Rotterdam), Esso (Germany), ExxonMobil, Caltex, PDO Shell (Oman), Iranian Gas Company and Gaz de France and many Australian companies.

There is no other product like STOPAQ anywhere in the world with no single failure reported, hence why the product manufacturer can confidently offer its clients a substantial 30-year performance guarantee.