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About ACT


Anti Corrosion Technology (ACT) is an established Australian-based engineering company that was founded in 1991. ACT specializes in providing consultancy and sustainable solutions in materials engineering and corrosion control for Oil & Gas, Water, Power Generation and Mining industries.

ACT is the exclusive distributor of STOPAQ products and sole partner of STOPAQ B.V. – pioneer of manufacturing the visco elastic corrosion protective coatings and sealants. ACT offers unique cost effective solutions for HDD pipeline protection and installation, road crossing protection, underwater rehabilitation and lay-up barge supporting corrosion protective coating scheme. In Addition, ACT has selected an exclusive line of corrosion protective products and services for the pipeline industry in Oil & Gas upstream and downstream operations.

Dr. Fikry Barouky is the founder of ACT, who has more than 36 years national and international experience dedicated to all aspects of materials engineering, corrosion prevention and control. ACT, through its founder, is considered as the engineering knowledge hub managed by an efficient team of corrosion experts from all around the world.

ACT is actively participating in national and international relevant research and development programs to bring new technologies and innovative solutions to its customers in Australia. ACT has been involved in a number of R&D projects with its global affiliates e.g. to prequalify nano-coating systems, study the cathodic disbonding behavior in high temperature aqueous conditions and write specification and acceptance criteria of Fusion Bonding Epoxy coatings operating in high temperatures.

ACT is a leader in conducting “Cost of Corrosion” studies and providing full technical support to asset owners to assess, evaluate and improve asset integrity.  ACT also has full capability to work jointly with the asset owners to establish a comprehensive Corrosion Management Program (CMP) starting from the design phase to the decommissioning phase. CMP is using a proactive and systematic model to allow dynamic and continuous improvement of asset integrity and the operator competency during the service life expectancy.