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Avoiding corrosion

Corrosion cannot be avoided...well not entirely anyway!

There is no one solution to mitigate and control corrosion, for example in buried pipelines the well known best practice to prevent corrosion is to use external coating as the primary (first line defense), while the Cathodic Protection can be used as a secondary (second line defense) corrosion protection.

Today in the presence of many technologies and innovation in corrosion monitoring and control, corrosion can be quantified, mitigated, prevented, and controlled in all the life cycle of every plant from the design phase to the decommissioning.

Every oil and gas operating company should develop and execute a proactive Corrosion Management Program (CMP) to include engineering material selection, corrosion control and monitoring throughout the life cycle of the plant. The CMP, which should be an integrated part of the strategic framework of any operating company, will continually asses and improve personnel safety, plant reliability, and competent performance to secure uninterrupted production without environmental impact.

Be a proactive member of your organisation and contact Anti Corrosion Technology (ACT) now to get a Corrosion Management Program up and running for your company.