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Cost of Corrosion


Do you know how much corrosion is costing your plant every year?

If you answered no, then that's a good reason to act now and call ACT!

Cost of Corrosion is varying in Oil & Gas operations, and it has severe impact if it is not considered as a guideline for a long term budget planning in every oil and gas operating company. There is no doubt that oil and gas industry has invested heavily in materials, technology, research and development to face the increasing global demand of oil and gas as the only energy source along with petrochemical products.

However, the investment in materials and personnel to improve corrosion monitoring and corrosion control is considered very limited. Risk directed corrosion monitoring together with proactive corrosion control is the most cost effective and economical approach to win the battle against corrosion.

Anti Corrosion Technology (ACT) has the knowledge and experience to help End Users, Asset Owners and Contractors better manage and control the costs associated with corrosion.



Cost of corrosion