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Michael Kaoud

Michael Kaoud

Michael is another example of ACT's determination to excel in providing a holistic and highly qualified, engineered response for its clients.

Michael is a Mechanical Engineer at Anti Corrosion Technology focussed on providing our clients with solving corrosion problems. Thanks to his intimate knowledge of all the STOPAQ corrosion prevention systems on offer today, Mike is easily able to recommend the relevant STOPAQ systems fit for purpose, detail the best practice scope of works as well as train & certify applicators for all STOPAQ systems relating to submerged, buried and aboveground applications.

Mike is originally from Melbourne where he completed his Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) (Honours) with a minor in design at Swinburne University of Technology in Hawthorn in 2015. He has always been fascinated by the latest material technology and all its possible applications. His research investigated the quasi-static shear test effects of traditional polymer foams used in sports helmets versus the latest polymer foam ‘smart’ developments. This research was aimed at understanding the quasi-static shear properties of these various polymer foams in a controlled environment as a baseline of further research in field in order to reduce the risk of head injuries such as Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) caused by the rotational acceleration of the head experienced by oblique angled impacts.